What is a QR Code?

A QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode that is readable by smartphones. It allows to encode over 4000 characters in a two dimensional barcode. QR Codes may be used to display text to the user, to open a URL, save a contact to the address book or to compose text messages. "QR Code" is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.

To read QR Codes with your smartphone, you need an appropriate software installed on your phone. For Android-based devices, you can use Barcode Scanner by ZXing. On iOS-Devices like iPhones there are also QR Code readers available on the AppStore, for Example i-nigma. On Firefox OS try QR Code Scanner. On Symbian devices, you can use Mobiletag barcodes reader for example.

If you use a modern web browser (recent versions of Firefox or Chrome) and have a webcam, this site allows you to scan QR Codes with your web browser. You can use this to send a link from a phone to your desktop browser for example.

What are Dynamic QR Codes?

The content of a QR Code cannot be changed once generated. What is sometimes referred to as a Dynamic QR Code, is a QR Code pointing to a static URL that hosts the actual content (e.g. the real URL). The hosted content can be changed after the QR Code has been printed.


Information about the QR Code generator

QR Codes are two-dimensional bar codes in which information is depicted by black and white dots (so-called "square data dots" or "data pixels"). If the contrast between foreground and background is high enough and the image is not inverted, it is also possible to use colors. 2D barcodes can be compared to one-dimensional barcodes, as seen on products in supermarkets. In contrast to these barcodes, QR graphics can contain up to 3000 characters on a relatively small space. The information for the QR Code is encoded according to ISO/IEC 18004:2006. The high density of information and many available reader application make QR Codes an ideal marketing instrument: QR Code reading apps are available for almost every smartphone with a camera (e.g. iPhone, Google Android, Blackberry, Symbian). The graphic can also be scanned and decoded with older cell phones with a camera – there is free software (e.g. i-nigma) even for less widespread platforms.


The history of QR Codes

The QR Code was invented for the automotive industry. Toyota asked their supplier Denso Wave to develop a barcode for safely and easily identifying components. QR generators were originally used in industry. Because of the outstanding error correction performance (they can be read even if up to 30% of the surface are destroyed) and a lot of applications, the QR Code quickly made its way around the world.


Create QR Codes yourself

Just type your text, URL, an SMS or your contact data here on goqr.me—the QR Code is created automatically, ready for you to download or embed on your website. You can of course also use the QR Code on your products or printed material like flyers or business cards. This way you create a direct connection between the products you tag with the QR Code and the internet. Mobile, everywhere and at any time.

QR Codes make it possible to directly transfer a link to a mobile device. This greatly lowers the barrier to visit a website with such a device. But there's more: You can also transfer your slogans, phone numbers or even complete business cards in the vCard format can be encoded with our QR Code generator and transferred to mobile devices.